Upper Crossed Syndrome (UCS) is when your shoulders roll forwards, which sometimes causes the elbows to rotate outwards. There is often tightness in the chest (Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, and the Anterior Deltoids), and weakness or overstretching in the back (mid-trapezius and rhomboids). Turning out of the elbows indicates that the Latissimus Dorsi muscles are tight.

If this is the case then the chest, lats, and front of the shoulders need stretching and the mid back needs strengthening.

Upper crossed syndrome is becoming more common with the use of computers, poor positioning when sitting, and increasing time spent slumped on the sofa watching tv. UCS commonly results in sore shoulder, neck, and upper back.

Sports and Deep Tissue Massage can help to remedy the problem by working the soft tissues to break down toxic deposits in the muscles and separate the muscle tissues, freeing up the joints and improving mobility.

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